“Figures of Speech” traces Abloh’s exploration of the communicative power of design. His use of language and quotation marks turns his designs, and the people who engage with them, into literal figures of speech. The artist uses the Black gaze to dismantle the traditionally white-crafted structures at work in fashion, design, architecture, and art, reconstructing new work through the lens of the Black cultural experience. 

Created alongside the exhibition was a booklet that featured didactic text and a completely illustrated index of each object in the show. The booklet was created to help visitors navigate the exhibition as there were no labels or further information allowed as the space was considered an artwork in and of itself.  

Creative Direction: Alaska Alaska, Adam O’Reilly
Graphic Design: Elijah Bobo, Eric Price
Exhibition Design: Lance Singletary
Curator: Antwuan Sargent
Project Lead: Lauren Bierly
Photographer: Jonathan Dorado