My ideal design is entirely personal, counteracting everything that graphic design stands for. Trying to work around current aesthetic trends using knowledge of historical design motifs and personal taste to move the design canon forward. Aiming to be completely unapologetic in my design working more on the edge of art– with roots in design processes. This ideology manifests itself in collaged posters, manipulated self-portraits, satirical animations, and punk zines. Traditionally the designer can be used as a tool, with their technical ability harnessed by a client or company. There is nothing wrong with this as the designer is the only person who can solve these specific problems. That being said, graphic design is based on sacrifice. The sacrifice of balancing between who you’re working for and what you want to make. In the end, what I work for is to navigate that balance and work with people willing to make design that is able to challenge the viewer. Now that the internet has changed the way we can interact and solve problems, the personal designer, outside of being an industry legend, is an idea that can be completely viable.
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